Austria.Photography 1970 - 2000
Albertina, till October, 8th 2017

How does Austria look when viewed through Austrian objectives?
Austrian photographers put their own country and its sociocultural identities to the question.

“The apartment is doing well”.
The Freuds at Berggasse 19
Special Exhibition at the Sigmund Freud Museum

The special aura of Sigmund Freud’s office has been described by many authors. But how did Freud and his family live at Berggasse 19?

Trude and Elvis. Wien – Memphis – Hollywood

Jüdisches Museum Dorotheergasse, till November 12th 2017

Trude Forsher became the private secretary of Elvis Presley in the 1950s and worked for him and his manager Colonel Tom Parker in Hollywood.

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21 Haus
Drawing the world

Albertina, till December 3rd 2017

Pieter Bruegel the Elder is the 16th century’s most important Netherlandish draughtsman. With its selection of 80 works, the Albertina presents the entire spectrum of Bruegel’s drawn and printed oeuvre while also shedding light on his artistic origins via the juxtaposition of his output with high-quality works by important predecessors such as Bosch and Dürer. Included are around 20 of the Netherlandish artist’s most beautiful drawings from the museum’s own extensive holdings.

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In Her Majesty´s Hands
Medals of Maria Theresa

KHM, till February 18th 2018

The Kunsthistorisches Museum’s Coin Collection holds both the largest and by far the most important collection of coins minted under Maria Theresa; it is the best place, and now is the best time, to host an exhibition that presents the monarch’s life in medals to celebrate what would have been her 300th birthday on May 13, 2017.


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Exhibition space
Jakob Lena Knebl and the mumok Collection

mumok, till October 22, 2017

Artist Jakob Lena Knebl has no interest in thinking in predefined categories, neither in her life nor in her art. Her new arrangement of the mumok collection of modernist and contemporary art is a free and creative selection combined with new own works. The artist has the courage to be eccentric. Knebl focuses on classical modernism and the 1970s, an epoch of utopias, visions for society, and sexual experiments.

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