Medieval Majesty 

Gothic Masterpieces from St. Stephen's Cathedral

Unteres Belvedere, from 14th May 2019

St. Stephen’s Cathedral at the heart of Vienna houses important examples of the art of medieval stonemasonry. Six of its most impressive sculptures, the famous figures of rulers from the west façade and High Tower, are on display at the Belvedere Palace Stables.

City links. Vienna – Bratislava
Technisches Museum

How are cities linked up? Vienna Technical Museum is answering this question by examining two historic public transport lines, both of which form part of transport infrastructure still in use today: Otto Wagner’s Wiener Stadtbahn metropolitan railway and the “Pressburger Elektrische” Vienna-Bratislava electric railway.

Open again from 29 August 2020!
Sigmund Freud Museum, Berggasse 19

In 2020, the Sigmund Freud Museum, which has existed since 1971, will reopen its doors after extensive renovation and expansion measures.


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My Generation.
The Jablonka Collection

Albertina, 02 October 2020 to 21 February 2021

The Jablonka Collection is one of the most high-profile collections of US and German art of the 1980s. It encompasses works by important artists with whom Rafael Jablonka has worked, showing and collecting their works for years. Over decades, it has been his principle to consistently acquire several works from various creative phases of each artist. For the first time, the art dealer, gallerist, and curator provides insights into his contemporary art collection at the Albertina Museum with a focus on artists of his own generation.

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Beethoven Moves
KHM, 29 September to 24 January 2021

In the spring of 2020, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, in cooperation with the Archive of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna, will present an unusual homage to Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827).  The exhibition will build a bridge with the present: masterpieces of fine art form connections with music and silence.

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Little Vienna in Shanghai
JMW, 21 October 2020 to 18 April 2021

Immediately after the National Socialists seized power in Austria in March 1938, Jewish women and men were marginalized, humiliated and persecuted. The possibilities to leave the country increasingly dwindled. Harassment, the necessity of leaving all possessions behind, and the fact that many countries sealed off their borders made any prospect of escape difficult. After the victory of the Allies and the landing of the US Army in 1945, many began planning a return. With the imminent capture of Shanghai by Mao Zedong, the last Jews also left the city for the USA, Canada, Australia or Israel. Some came back to their hometown of Vienna. Because of the murder and destruction of European Jewry their return to Vienna meant a completely new beginning in a changed world.

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